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    Discover a different relationship with GOD... be it in the friendliness of the people,the quiet dignity of the service, or in a new intellectual honesty. Quite possibly, it could be the freedom you feel with us as you hunger for God from an empty spot in your life.  This is an open invitation for you to join us at our Episcopal service. You'll want to join us in the worship, because ours is not a spectator religion and it is in participating that you may sense the belonging. If you are baptized and yearn for a closeness with Jesus Christ, take communion with us...even on your first Sunday. You are always welcome in an Episcopal Church, but you'll never be pressured to join. It is a comfortable community in which God will meet you in Word and Sacrament. Your intelligence will not be insulted and your integrity will be honored.

    Each of us is born with a hunger which can only be fed by a meaningful relationship with God. For many people, a strict religious upbringing offered too much "church"...and not enough GOD...leaving them with a spiritual void in their lives. In searching for a less rigid, more fulfilling spirituality, many people have filled the void when they discovered the Episcopal way.

    Episcopalians believe that the Holy Scripture is the Word of God and contains all things necessary for salvation. The three sources of authority are Scripture, Tradition and Reason.

    The only requirement for membership in the Episcopal Church is Baptism by water in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We accept as valid the baptism of all churches.

    We accept as valid the baptism of all churches.

    As Episcopalians we unite in prayer yet our interpretation and its religious/social impact varies. We are guided by the Holy Spirit, our understanding of the Gospel and our individual experience. 

    Worship in the Episcopal Church is grounded in the Bible. Each service contains a reading from the Old Testament, the Psalms, The Epistles and the Gospels. Other aspects of the Services are bibically grounded. It is designed to bring to remembrance the mighty acts of God on our behalf throughout history, to make God's presence experienced as a personal and community reality, to foster unity and community with all of God's people and to equip us to serve the world in God's name. The minister and congregation share in song, prayer and response throughout the service. The words and actions create an atmosphere of Reverence, Beauty, Relevance and Community.

    Many people have chosen the Episcopal Church in recent years. They have found a worship that brings you into the action instead of leaving you on the sidelines, a theology that expects you to utilize your God given intelligence, a willingness to tolerate and celebrate differences, a heritage that takes the Bible seriously but not bound by literalism, a strong sense of community in which our consensus is in Christ, not to conformity of opinion. Our devotion is to the biblical sacraments instituted by Jesus which evoke awe and mystery instead of actual explanation and an understanding of these is rightfully the obligation and privilege of every baptized person.

    Episcopalians are eager to receive you in the name of Jesus, "just as you are", while inviting you to join us in the pilgrimage of faith. 

    You will find us welcoming yet not high pressured, willing to openly discuss any issue in a non-judgmental spirit and firmly rooted in the faith of Jesus and in a life of prayer and worship. We seek to serve Christ in all persons, loving our neighbors as ourselves while working for justice and peace among all and respecting the dignity of every human being. 

    Please visit the Episcopal Diocese of Kentucky Website at


St. Peter's of the Lakes
Episcopal Church,
47 Black River Rd,.
P.O. Box 183,
Gilbertsville, Ky 42044
(270) 362-8301
email -
(*contact button on right)

9am - 1pm Mondays & Thursdays

If you call in need of assistance, and no one is available, please leave your name, number and brief message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please also click the "Outreach" tab above and look under "Community Assistance" for useful information and contact numbers.

Louise McLean - Parish Administrator


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